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Easy2buy is a tool that makes your
Instagram feed instantly shoppable

Lead your followers from inspiration to sales. Setting links to your posts is now possible!

1. Discover

Imagine your followers find something they want on your Instagram feed, but have no clue where to get it. Help them with the Easy2Buy shoppable gallery! Let them discover the products and stories behind your post.

2. Browse

Use the only link on Instagram to take followers to your shoppable gallery that has the same look and feel as your Instagram feed. Set links to your “posts”and lead your followers to products or your favorite content.

3. Buy

Let them find new things, like a new handbag. Turn your inspiration into sales. Drive revenue directly from Instagram!

to make your Instagram posts shoppable

Shoppable Instagram Gallery

Make your posts shoppable! Create a shoppable Instagram gallery and give your followers the possibility to discover the products and stories behind your post.

Embed Gallery

Embed your shoppable gallery directly on your page. Let your followers discover your posts in a familiar environment.

Multiple Links

In order to promote any type of content, set an unlimited number of links per gallery image, leading anywhere you want.

also included…

Post from Desktop

Comfortable upload to Instagram from your desktop.

Schedule Instagram Posts

Plan your Instagram post ahead. Upload, style and schedule it in advance.


Measure which content drives engagement and revenue.

Grow Newsletter Subscriptions

Enable Instagram followers to subscribe to your newsletter from your gallery.